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  1. Ok this topic is for telling people the reasons why others hate IE. Internet Explorer is not bad today, but I honestly feel it's not as fast or secure than other browsers (and I got that conclusion due to cold hard facts and testing) You can use IE and I won't hate you for it!
  2. I hope you guys get that this is why other people and not just me don't like IE
  3. True however the current internet explorer has been shown through multiple test to be not as good as firefox or chrome. Today IE isn't bad but it's not great either. Besides, most of the reasons why people hate Internet explorer is because of internet explorer 6 and not the current version.
  4. Many people hate internet explorer. However, many others don't know why this piece of software is so hated. So for those of you who don't know why IE is hated so much, here is the explanation. - Internet Explorer 6 Internet explorer 6 is what made IE so hated in the first place. It was slow, clunky, slow, had terrible security, was really slow, had updates that added nothing, and did I mention it was slow? Not only that but it was a nightmere for web developers who couldn't program anything easily with it. IE 6's tyranny lasted for a while. But their was hope. A new browser named Firefox came and developed new standards for web browsers. Then came other good browsers like Google Chrome. These browsers made IE6 look absolutely terrible in comparison. Especially for web developers who had to deal with IE 6's "special" coding that made them go through hell in order to get their web page to look good in all web browsers. IE 7 tried to fix things but it was pointless. It ,doesn't help that IE 6 still terrorized web developers for years since windows xp was still supported until recently. It was so bad that a guy made a song about internet explorer being mean to him. I even have a link to the video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTTzwJsHpU8 - Even today it's still inferior to other browsers Despite all of the updates, IE is still inferior to other web browsers. Its slower than the four other main browsers (Firefix, Chrome, Opera, and safari). It's not as customizable or secure as firefox. Its not as sleek as chrome. It certainly doesn't look as nice as opera. So what it Internet Explorer good for? The answer is nothing. - It's so unsecure IE has been known to have its security problems, but it has gotten so bad that for a short amount of time the U,S. department of homeland security didn't want people using this. This was due to some malware being able to infect your computer by the user visiting an infected website. Other browsers were protected against the malware but internet explorer was vunerable to the malware! It's overall not as secure as the other 4 main browsers. It honestly makes me question why people still use it! - People probably only use internet explorer just because they don't know much about computers Do I even need to explain this one? It's bad enough that it holds about 58% of the market share (as of now that is)! - My reason for hating IE This reason is something that not many people think about. This thing is the true reason why I hate IE. That reason is that it shows that Microsoft hasn't been caring for their customers. I know that it seems kind of odd to say this but it's something that seems eminent to me. Microsoft is one of the biggest buisnesses on the planet. But they give us this terrible application. They see all the great things that Google and Mozilla give us but they don't deliver anything good (It doesn't help that Mozilla is a non-profit organization that needs to ask for money and Microsoft is a multibillion dollar coorporation). They destroyed IE so much that they are trying to make a new browser for windows 10! Those were the reasons that we hate Internet Explorer. If you want to you can add some more reasons for why we hate Internet Explorer. I hope that this also clarified some things about Internet Explorer. Thanks for reading!
  5. A short time ago I heard about the Torch web browser. It seemed pretty interesting and better than Internet Explorer so I wanted to try it out. I went and tried to download it on the Torch website. However, when I downloaded it, McAfee and Malwarebytes went crazy and were able to stop Torch from causing an harm. After that experience I did some research. As it turns out a small number of users (and I mean really scarce) reported that it contain Adware and other kinds of crazy stuff. So beware of the Torch web browser and don't be stupid like me.
  6. Dang scorpion saver has really took a toll on members of this community.
  7. So over a year ago I was infected with the PUP Scorpion Saver. For those who don't know, Scorpion Saver is a PUP that is supposed to give you great online shopping deals via pop-up adds. This ends up getting annoying and after I ended up getting rid of it using Malwarebytes (seriously thank you Malwarebytes that thing was annoying.) So I was wondering. Has anybody else on the forum been infected by this terrible PUP?
  8. Don't you just love amusingly obvious malware
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