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  1. Please can you check www.graigfarm.co.uk This is being blocked due to a TROJAN, a scan using VIRUSTOTAL is clean on all engines, please advise any issues. Thanks, Andrew
  2. Fingers crossed it doesn't! Software Updates are for Life not just for Christmas
  3. Ok, I'm going to be bold here and say Malwarebytes should roll the beta update out to production, my network issues have been resolved and no more BSOD's. (fingers crossed) By rolling out the update you should be able to clear the current backlog of issues and concentrate on any fresh ones! Thank you all at Malwarebytes and the forum members.
  4. Beta 1.0.804 was released in the last hour, just applied this, and restarted and will now try things again.. Currently my fingers and toes are crossed!
  5. Thank you for starting this topic, I can add more info I've sent the following to the support desk and have been assigned a ticket but haven't had an update since. I can tell you the issue still exists in the latest beta version and for now (yes believe it or not) i'm turning Start Malware bytes with windows off and quit malwarebytes if it does load. Good Luck all. Since early in January 2020 following an update to Malwarebytes I've been troubleshooting network connectivity issues, With Malwarebytes unloaded I have no issues with swapping from on
  6. Hi Support, I'm running windows 8.1 64bit edition and have found an issue with MBAE and Java 7 update 71 32bit, can you try these 1) Open Control Panel, search for and open java, then in the Java control panel click on the About button, the Info window is displayed followed by an alert from MBAE 2) as above click on Java Update, Update now - alert from MBAE Can you confirm this is a false alert please. Thanks, Andrew.
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