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  1. FINALLY got it removed. Ran RogueKiller, rkill, tdss, and then adwCleaner, in that order. AdwCleaner makes you restart your computer after a scan, and now my browsers are back to normal.
  2. Hi all, first post here. I recently downloaded something that has infected my computer. When I downloaded the file, my internet continued working for a short time before I started noticing random hyperlinks embedded into the page. Now none of my browsers will connect to the internet, all saying that they cannot connect to the proxy server. I did some Googling and a lot of people have had this same virus, but I cannot seem to get it off my computer. I've ran Malwarebytes, AVG, CCleaner, Adwcleaner, JRT, Wise Registry Cleaner, and RogueKiller, and it's still there. Initially scans with Malwarebytes and AVG brought up a whole bunch of infected files that I deleted, but after several restarts, scans with them now return nothing. Also, when I go into my Chrome settings and try to turn my proxy settings to off, I uncheck the box but it automatically resets to using a proxy. Help!
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