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  1. I would wage a guess that the fact that IOBit did at one time steal malware definitions from Malwarebytes did play a mayor role in this decision. And the deceptive setup dialogs aren't helping either.
  2. The only reproducible way to fix this on my system is to turn off the self-protection module, so you can try that if it still isn't fixed for you.
  3. The web protection could use a session cache, sot that it only reports a particular IP once. The current popup setup is fine for web browsing, but it really is a pain if you run something like an online game or a torrent client and are unfortunate enough to hit a block range.
  4. So I updated to the new version and my key just got invalidated. Since I didn't pay for it, but got it for free (as a former translator), I don't really mind that much, but I thought I would notify you, in case this wasn't intended after all.
  5. There's probably a bug. The Base Filtering Engine service in Windows 7 doesn't like MBAMs protection module, causing occasional (but long - +1min) 100% CPU spikes. Additionally, toggling url blocking off/on sometimes causes BFE to hang at 100% for over 5min.
  6. Yes, it will, big time (BSODs, freezing etc.). But only if you have the new Avast 5 AND full version of MBAM with realtime protection enabled. No problems with the free version or full version MBAM with realtime protection disabled.
  7. Those files belong to Inno Setup (the installer used to install MBAM), they have a randomly generated name and are used to perform actions that cannot be performed on a running system on restart (that's why you are asked to restart at the end of installation). Windows limits the directories where an executable can be executed before the system loads, that's why it places those files in C:\Windows. All the files should delete themselves after the restart, but of course only if the .exe isn't deleted before it can perform all the tasks and issue the delete request.
  8. No dial-up booster/accelerator, no matter if free or paid will help. They all work the same way - you install a client program that filters out all http requests and redirects them to a remote proxy, that then loads the requested data, compresses it/lowers resolution of images/filters out some content, then it sends it back to the client software on your computer that just decompresses it and hands it over to the program that requested it. The problem with the MBAM definition file is, that it is impossible to compress it. In fact, if you try to compress it, the compressed version will be even bigger. As for the registry tweakers, that change TCP settings in Windows, they are useless too. They can help when using a broadband connection with XP or older (default settings aren't exactly optimal, they fixed this in Vista and Win 7 as it now uses auto-tuning and selects best settings by itself), but with dial-up you won't notice any difference.
  9. Any changes to language file (and if any, can we get an updated template)?
  10. No problems for me with 1.41. I have uploaded updated Czech language file in the Translators' lounge section.
  11. I'm also interested, especially in case there are any changes to language files.
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