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  1. also i dont really understand what * iscsicli * is .. it says it was installed onto my computer on the day i noticed the viruses (i didnt install it) and i cant uninstall it either
  2. hey last night my system decided to reboot its self for no reason so i decided to run a virus check after my skype wouldnt work .. and found out i had something called - Behavior:Win32/Remnit.gen!A and Behavior:Win32/MpTamperSrp.A on my laptop .. that are still on here that Microsoft Security Essentials keeps finding even after its deleted them (they apear again after system reboot or a rescan) i friend told me to download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and scan and it should get rid of it .. which it hasnt as Microsoft Security Essentials still finds it .. but theres something that Malwarebytes found ... theres a file called hijack.userinit that will not delete either. id like to know of any ways to delete these in a step by step way if possible... help needed my windows firewall is also turned off and will not turn back on ... this has been like it for a while now
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