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  1. while you lot are waiting to get on discord you can use your mobile. i mean you can use discord on your mobile.
  2. thank you for the fast response havent had a pop up for the last 15 minutes so its all good i think back to streaming i guess aha
  3. Hey people of Malwarebytes, So i loaded up my stream and kept getting popups (literally every 5 minutes) with malwarebytes is blocking streamlabs obs on an outgoing connection, i have noticed alot of other people are having this problem but i havent see anyone have it from streamlabs obs. apart from this i rarely have to report problems with malwarebytes are im happy with the product and will carry on paying for it for years to come Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 11/8/19 Protection Event Time: 5:20 PM Log File: 05b63156-024c-1
  4. Ok so since the new update. i had a pop up saying there was a new update.. done that restarted my pc and MWB was no long on my pc.. i had to reinstall.. (strange) and then as i stream and i use tab because i don't have 2 monitors I've just noticed this. (image below) now if i click on it it does nothing. but if i close the thing is tab then it closes MWB completely and even if i open MWB again it does not stay open. I've tried doing a complete fresh reinstall. e.g deleting everything to do with MWB on my computer and reinstalling and yet it still does this. its never done it before 3
  5. i thought it was the windows 10 update that had fked it up
  6. Ok so this morning i turned my PC on and it popped up in the corner something to do with layers and to turn them on..clicked turn on and it wouldn't.. so i opened malware bytes and it seems that the web protection isn't turning on. just stays as *starting...* until you close MWB then it says its off. so i done some searching around to find out what i could do i used so i uninstalled MWB and reinstalled it. now when i try and do a scan it finishes right after it checks for an update. it doesnt scan my files at all. also the protection doesn't enable for the web protection. so wtf is going on
  7. yeah ive not had anything popup for a while now thank you techs of malwarebytes
  8. then you will have to wait like me and alot of others the techs are working on it
  9. alot of people are still having a problem with popups even after the update. if you open malwarebytes then click on current next to the bit where it says *update* it will search for updates. also you can check to see which version you have if you go to my account (top right) > about > version info
  10. im currently using version - component version - 1.0.75 package version - 1.0.1403
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