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  1. Here is the Zoek logfile. This appears to have fixed the problem; new tabs in Firefox are not routed to trovi.com any longer. Do you have any other suggestions for me, other than the obvious ones to be careful about what I download? zoek-results 110414 134240.txt
  2. Our messages overlapped. Here are the new MBAM and FRST log files. This time I ran MBAM just as you instructed so the first log file is not relevant. FRST 20141103 042332PM.txt MBAM Log 20141103 042332PM.txt
  3. Here are the MBAM and FRST scans I ran.MBAM Log 20141103 032151PM.txtAddition.txtFRST.txt
  4. MBAM finds three entries for Trovi and quarantines them but it comes back when I start Firefox. I was able to manually delete it from Chrome but not from Firefox. Can anyone assist? I have seen several posts that recommend different products so I would appreciate the most current advice on this. Thanks, Geoff
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