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  1. MB is blocking all outbound connections to login.microsoftonline.com. This just started a few hours ago. Last Windows 10 update installed on 12/1/17. Is there a problem @ Microsoft or is this a false positive? I want to whitelist it, however, if there is an actual problem I will wait until it is fixed at Microsoft. UPDATE TO POST: I did whitelist login.microsoftonline.com. Tried Chrome, Opera and Firefox and all show a secure connection with certificate expiration 5/7/18.
  2. My install is up to date and I continue to have the issue. Is there a way to have a more advanced log turned on that I can see what is going on?
  3. hxxps://mtkhosting.com hxxp://mtkhosting.com hxxps://www.mtkhosting.com hxxp://www,mtkhosting.com This is a WHMCS based website. I have whitelisted the domain in all forms w/wo www as well as IP. I have used Opera, Chrome, Firefox will the same result. Once I turn off Malicious Website Protection in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Build Date: 11/21/2014, restart the browser, the site loads fine. I am running Malwarebytes in conjunction with Norton 360 Premier. I have tried disabling all Norton products and again it is not until I disable Malicious Website Protection that I am able to access the site. I am also having sporadic trouble with Outlook 2013 Desktop version accessing Exchange Online. Agoing, when I turn off Malicious Website Protection, Outlook connects normally. Bill.. .. .
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