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  1. Had malwarbytes host a manual update database yet? I only using those when I am using on my clients infected system. Since the old site to the rules aren't yet compatible with the new version of malwarebytes, it will have a database error and won't work which you have to reinstall malwarebytes with it's database that came with the installer which is the 12/3/09 database. Anyhow let me know thanks. West
  2. Hey Malwarebytes, I like to turn off automatic updates and the security center off all the time because it bothers me when it comes up telling me stuff I already know. Anyhow, malwarebytes always detects this as a DisableSecurity....so on. I would rather not it detect that as a problem, but I guess it's for the sake of most average user if they do get infected and there security center is turn off. It not a big deal to me, but just to let you guys know or if I'm not the only one. Thanks, West
  3. You guys do know cnet is down for some reason today for malwarbytes.
  4. Hey guys, I been trying to download the latest updates from gt500.org and it says offline two days ago and today it says database 1083..... Which is old. Did the server crash and being rebuilt because of DDoS attack or what? Anyways I usually download the updates manually to fix other people computer because some of them can't get on the the net with rogue on them. Anyways let me know thanks. West
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