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  1. Hi, a while back I downloaded a program that eventually I realized it was a virus. Anyhow I performed all the necessary operations such as use Malwarebytes to scan for any malware, Bitdefender to find basically anything that is harmful. And I got some trojans found but I got rid of them. But after a few days I realized my mouse has been moving around without me touching it. And while i was using it, i felt that wherever i dragged the mouse, it would want to resist my movement of direction. I googled these actions and it was told that it can be a RAT virus. I looked more into it on how they can detect what I type, turn on my webcam and all, and I got paranoid so I thought that it would be better to format my laptop. I did that and i done more scans and nothing was found, and yet I feel my mouse sometimes moves around and stuff. I used an external mouse and I feel like it's still happening. I formatted my laptop multiple times and I still think someone has control of my laptop. Today while I was typing on a word document, I locked my touchpad and continued my work while all of a sudden while writing on my third page, somehow it scrolls up and the word document freezes. I got annoyed and freaked out that I disconnected wifi on my laptop because i know for sure nobody has control of my laptop other than me. Also I looked on the task manager and nothing seems suspicious on the tasks. So am I just hallucinating or what, because I just want to work peacefully without thinking someone is copying my passwords or something. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please respond so I can figure this out ASAP.
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