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  1. Firefox I just uninstalled period, but I don't know what Windows Security Center is. All I found was an "Action Center."
  2. Yep, it won't paste. I don't know if there's a security setting preventing that or what... checkup.txt
  3. Does this mean it's good to go? After having done the virus scan again at the end and found nothing?
  4. Okay. ComboFixLog.txt Fixlog.txt TDSSKiller. TDSSKiller.
  5. Well, after running RogueKiller 64 bit, it sent me to this link: http://www.adlice.com/poweliks-removal-with-roguekiller/ And the Malwarebytes scan couldn't save to a .txt. So I tried to take what it scanned in the xml and put it in a .txt file. Everything else is attached. RKreport_SCN_11022014_120331.log MBytesScanLog.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Like many others, I'm having the corrupt dllhost.exe * 32 multiple processes issues causing slowdown and trying to connect to fff5ee.com and some other miscellaneous, malicious IP, on a computer I'm needing to fix for someone. Any help would be appreciated, or if it doesn't need to be a custom fix, pointing me to the right pre-existing thread would work too! It also begs the question, would simply replacing dllhost.exe with a fresh version fix it? I've already ran a full scan. As of last night, nothing erroneous turns up in the results.
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