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  1. If you want you can delete this topic, or leave it as a reminder, that by using your brain a little bit, and stepping back and thinking about the situation, you can get a lot done!
  2. HAHA, I am amazed it was this easy, I just did a restore from just before I installed Colin Mcrae and it works perfectly now! I am sure your help would have been infinitely invaluable, but for now I will not require it.
  3. Dear all, I was just wanting to play Colin Mcrae Rally 2005 and realised I needed to make it 64 bit/ windows 8 compatible, went online did some searching and I found out I needed to download some 3rd party programs. It looks like, they were not 100% legit and now my computer cannot boot, not even in safe mode, or safe mode with command prompt. When I boot up the computer now, it says, my motherboard screen, then "Preparing Automatic Repair", then "Diagnosing your PC". After it has done this it says Automatic Repair, your pc did not start correctly. It gives me 2 options, Restart or Advanced
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