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  1. Hey, sorry for the wait. Was away for the weekend. I did what you said and deleted the three files MSE found. After the full scan, MSE detected quite a few unwanted files. Don't remember the exact names, but they were very similar to the ones mentioned above. I had MSE remove them and restarted my computer. As of right now, no problems have arose and everything appears to be running smooth like normal. Thanks again! I really appreciate your time and support.
  2. As far as I know, none of my files are encrypted. I am able to open any folder and file and can run any program without any problems. The only issues as of now are the trojan detections and IE is a bit slow.
  3. For some reason the text editor still does not let me paste text so if you don't mind, I will upload a text file containing all the names of the files (there are quite a lot). I will now run a full scan and get back to you. MSE file names.txt
  4. So far, the dllhost.exe *32 processes are no longer running and there are no more malicious website warnings popping up. However, after a restart, I have received immediate warnings from Security Essentials (without manually scanning) about a severe "Ransom:Win32/Crowti". There were 3 of them and my first reaction was to remove them, as suggested by Security Essentials. But after removal, 3 more showed up within a minute after. The recent 3 are currently in quarantine. What should I do about them?
  5. Attached are the two log files. Thanks for the support so far! I really appreciate your time! Fixlog.txt ComboFix.txt
  6. For some reason I am unable to paste the logs into the reply box. Instead, I have attached them as text documents. I apologize if its inconvenient. I would also like to note that my computer BSoD when I tried to scan in normal Windows mode using RogueKiller. I do not remember the BSoD error as my computer restarted too quickly. In an effort to scan with Rogue Killer, I was able to complete it only in Safe Mode with Networking. 10_30_14 threat scan.txt RKreport_SCN_10302014_201156.log
  7. Hello. My computer seems to have some sort of virus. I have been working profusely the past few days in an effort to fix my PC. I seem to have removed most threats, however as of right now I am receiving alerts from Malwarebytes Anti-Malware about websites and IPs (specifically fff5ee.com). Along with this, there are numerous instances of the dllhost.exe *32 process that continually show up after I end them. I ran lots of anti-malware programs, but to no avail. I have also run combofix and FRST, but nothing seems to be fixed. I have attached the logs below. All assistance is much appreciated! Addition.txt FRST.txt ComboFix.txt
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