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  1. Okay thanks for you help , Will check my backup for malware. Will be still using p2p , can't really stop using that right now when its the only way to watch some tv shows that are not aviable in my country.
  2. Are you sure ? I never had those detections before and i was using lots of p2p software. Could it be new malware database version or something ?
  3. Okay , here we go. TDSS did not detect anything this time so. MBAM.txt TDSSKiller.
  4. So i did a os reinstall. After a hour or something the problem appeared again , just a bit different. First it detected something in qTorrent , so i closed it (Only downloaded some songs and stuff) After a while it blocked outbound connection of skype.exe. So far looks like svchost.exe is okay. I can do the tdskiller and mbam logs thingy again so we could find what's the cause of this. (OS is a clean one from ms page.) Anyway check the first detection in protection log , its some kind of temporary file in appdata folder. This is the protection log : Malwarebytes Anti-Malware www.malwareb
  5. Did all the scans and stuff. Also attached extra protection log of MBAM. MBAM.txt Protectionlog.txt TDSSKiller.txt
  6. Hello yesterday those popups began to appear out of nowhere. MB keeps blocking inbound/outbound connections of svchost.exe. Already checked what information you guys need. Disabled all p2p things and i havent pirated any software so that should be okay. Will post Malwarebytes and TDSSKiller logs asap.
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