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  1. Well I let a friend use some space on my server, without my knowledge he used a nulled version of VBulletin. Piracy reports contacted the host who took a very dim view of me having nulled software on my server and the site was removed immediately, so why would they act so harshly for piracy and not for threats? None of this adds up. So are you telling me I need to move host? I have been with my host for around 2 years and have always regarded them as very helpfull and give good value for money. Is it the data center itself or my hosting company? Can I ask them to swap my server IP? My Google
  2. Now I know why you have blocked my server as my IP falls into this range, well thanks for nothing, this is disgusting behaviour, from a so called reputable company such as yourselves. Maybe you should concentrate on only blocking the IP's that pose a threat and not take out a whole IP range. Imagine if the American government were to say theirs a handfull of terrorists in Afghanistan lets kill everybody that lives there. This is effectively what you have done. Damaging peoples reputations ad revenue ect is surely illegal, I have always recommended Malwarebytes to people as a reliable piece of
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