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  1. Hi there @dcollins I am sending you the requested info in a private message. Thanks.
  2. Hi guys.... @Porthos I just installed the new version of Malwarebytes, as instructed. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by ' the new MB clean'. I found version 3.1.2 release on Malwarebytes website and installed it on my desktop. Hope this helps. @dcollins I did the ping tests and ran cmd in Administrator. Here are the results, firstly with protection OFF, then with protection ON. Thanks.....
  3. Hi there, thanks for the tip @dcollins. I did as requested and installed the new version but alas, no change. I can't get onto the (generic) zippyshare site or any files / folders stored therein without turning off web protection. See screenshots below
  4. I'm guessing this is where the thread ends then and I have run out of options for Malwarebytes :\\
  5. @dcollins Hi there, I did all the aforementioned, as requested but sadly the issue still remains: no access to Zippyshare.
  6. Here are three screenshots of how things look when I try to open Zippyshare. The first one is after Googling the site, where my Avast! shows the site to be safe. The second screenshot shows when I attempt to log onto the site with Malwarebytes web protection turned ON. The third screenshot shows when I attempt to log onto the site with Malwarebytes web protection turned OFF. This is how it is now and how it has been for months. As mentioned previously, I have to switch Malwarebytes off all the time to access my folders and files. It is a total headcrusher having to do this all the time, every day / night. I'm almost at the point of giving up using Malwarebytes altogether and ditching my premium account
  7. @dcollins OK, I did that. I only had one host in the original file anyway. It hasn't made any difference to blocking zippyshare sites unfortunately.
  8. P.S. And now it it's not allowing me to visit either of the above-mentioned again. Very strange.
  9. @dcollins I just noticed something a little odd regarding my last post. If I click on the zippyshare link in the quoted Chrome section above (with malwarebytes web protection turned ON), it blocks me and states: 'Unable to connect'. However, if I click on the zippyshare link in the quoted Microsoft Edge section which starts with www.96, it actually allows me to the site. That seems a little strange.
  10. Hi there, Yes it happens in all browsers. I just tried them all again both with and without vpn in operation and they're all blocking the Zippyshare site(s). I use Firefox as my main browser. Here's what it mentions in the others.... Chrome: Microsoft Edge: I disabled my Avast Antivirus / Firewall for ten minutes to see if that made any difference but it didn't. I then disabled web protection on Malwarebytes again and sure enough, I could visit Zippyshare.
  11. @dcollins I experience this problem both with or without using my trusty VPN service: Quercus
  12. @dcollins Hi there, I thought I sent the log but it didn't, obviously. Sorry about that. I've sent them to you now. Regards: Q
  13. @dcollins Hi there, The link you provided didn't work but I found version 3x on the site so I used that. I have sent you the log in a PM. Many thanks.
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