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  1. Vlad, I installed the old version. Install completed fine but it wouldn't run until I ran the patch file. Now running I couldn't disable the SW upgrade fast enough maybe... it loaded a new database version v2017.11.20.08. I think the upgrade you want me to avoid is the upgrade to MB 3 while the database upgrades still happen. Correct? I have the settings like this: - Notify if database is more than 7 days old (this is selected / checked) - Check for program updates when checking for db updates (this is not selected / unchecked) Thank you.
  2. The deleted entries are still deleted. There are two other entries that are very similar. Are these OK? HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-865616927-1092659228-7057409-1003\Software\Classes\Software\Classes\exefile HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-865616927-1092659228-7057409-1003_Classes\Software\Classes\exefile
  3. Hi. I deleted the 4 registry entries, rebooted, and tried to reinstall. Installation failed again with the same runtime error. I googled SSE2 technology and it looks like AMD implemented this with the K8 processors. The Athalon XP 3000+ is K7. Should I give up, or do you have any other suggestions? Thanks for your help. Appreciate it.
  4. Hi. 1/ I don't have a RAM disk setup. 2a/ I ran mb-clean again. The log file is attached. It says that MB is not installed. MB-clean-results file attached. 2b/I tried installing MB in SafeMode. I received the 352:120 runtime error again after selecting the language. 3/ I checked the date and time. It is accurate in the system tray and is set to get time off of the internet. Is there another system time I should be checking? Thanks for your support. Rick mb-clean-results.txt
  5. Porthos, Thank you. I ran FRST and it created the two files. I then ran the MB check tool but if failed to run. The error created a temp file that I copied here also (7e5c*.txt). Please see the attached files. Thanks again for your help. Rick FRST.txt Addition.txt 7e5c_appcompat.txt
  6. Hello. I tried to udpate my father's old computer with Malware Bytes 3 (mb3-setup-consumer- When trying to install, after selecting the language, it fails with a "Runtime error (at 352:120): Invalid floating point operation." The PC had a much older version which I removed using "mb-clean-". Ran it as administrator per some instructions on another post. This prompted a reboot and installation of the new MB 3. When it failed with above error, I think another message popped up with instructions to grab the file created on my desktop: mb-clean-results.txt. File attached. I read that MBAM 3 still supports PCs on Windows XP. Here is the XP info from the PC: Windows XP Home Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 3 The PC is an eMachines T3092 with AMD Athalon XP 3000+ 2.17 GHz processor and 2 GB RAM Any advice on how to load MB 3 would be very appreciated. Thank you. Rick mb-clean-results.txt
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