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  1. Malwarebytes repeatedly identifying PUP.Optional.WinYahoo and despite quarantine and deletion comes back. I downloaded FarbarRecovery and ran it from a previous post with the similar problem and here are my logs- FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. I am using the windows 7 disk that came with the computer. When I boot to disk I choose repair computer. I am given the option to use recovery tools or restore computer. Usee recovery tools lists my Windows operating system 953516 MB on D: Local Disk bur when I chose next I get a message that "This version of System Recovery Options is not compatible with the version of Windows you are trying to repair. Try using a recovery disk that is compatible with this version of windows."
  3. The infected computer will not boot in safe mode with networking correctly, the mouse and keyboard will not work. Is that file on the usb flash drive?
  4. I ran the frst64 fix as instructed but when I rebooted it went from the windows logo to a blue screen. Attached is a picture. It's not a normal solid blue.
  5. Ughh...I do not think it worked correctly. I am close to wiping the drive and reinstalling everything... Fixlog.txt
  6. Is there any ris of bringing a virus to the uninfected computer by using the USB drive that has the FRST on it that I had plugged into the infeted computer? And so I am clear, is thus computer still infected?
  7. Can I download this file from the infected computer in safe mode or do I need to take the flash drive to an uninfected computer?
  8. I did as suggested but it wont reboot properly and only will reboot in safe mode. When rebooting normally, the windows log in screen is only visible partially with bars of white fluctuating in it then the screen goes completely blue or black with lines...
  9. I am trying to reinstall my driver for my video card AMD Radeon R9 270 and it will not boot normal mood...just get blue screen. Can boot to safe mode with networking no problem. My Microsoft office says it cannot verify my license...and closes immediately.... Is my computer virus free? Does it just need reinstallation of software for the programs damaged by the infection?
  10. Attached are the files. I have actually run the scan twice now and it has not found anything. However, the infection appears to have messed up internet explorer because when I click a link such as the Dr Web Cureit above it opens a tab that is completely white blank. Even when you type the url into the new tab it stays blank and the title of the tab lists New tab. Do I need to repair or delete and reinstall internet explorer? Or is this a sign of a continuing infection? 141030 MBAM Scan Log.txt 141030 MBAM Protection Log.txt
  11. Ok, the first time I ran this in safe mode with networking, it found the Trojan.Mayachok.5 and as the scan progressed, I stepped away for only a few minutes and the computer rebooted to normal mode. No log nothing. I was concerned about running the program again so I deleted it and then used msconfig to set the computer to reboot to safe mode with networking - previously I had booted it from off hitting F8. It rebooted to safe mode and I re-downloaded the program. I shut off internet explorer and ran the program again. This time it ran all the way through and said it did not find anything. Attached is the log. Has the virus, Trojan, or bot tricked cureit? cureit.log
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