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  1. I have malware on my computer from the ip address it is located in process if windows/syswow64/dllhost.exe and it is overloading my cpu malwarebytes is not detecting or removing it. it is only blocking the malicious activity and data that is classified as "outbound" the only preventative measure I have taken is monitoring my tast manager for the overload of dllhost.exe *32 by ending the root loading task and keeping my internet disconnected when not being utilized. please help me out with this problem.
  2. I have a Trojan or something on my computer that strings a multitude of dllhost.exe *32 instances in series that crashes my computer I can usually find the root .exe and end it in my task manager. the website blocker picks up an outbound site called fffsee.com but doesn't recognize the malware and what it is doing to my computer. I have to constantly monitor my task manager when my internet is connected to prevent the malware from crashing my computer. I want this removed so I don't have to keep disconnected the internet when I am not using it. Please help me resolve this issue.
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