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  1. Thank you Aura! I had tried installing just one at a time, more than once. I also tried just downloading one executable at a time, and that also failed. I don't get an obvious MWB or ESET message, only messages similar to those I posted. So far, iTunes seems to work, and the only reason I need it on the desktop is to backup things that are on my iPhone and iPad. But eventually, I may have a problem, if the software changes enough. Or maybe a completely new version will eliminate the issue. That's way above my knowledge level.
  2. On both my wife's computer and mine, running with Windows v. 10, and with MB Anti-Malware and Anti-Exploit, and ESET NOD32 installed, for the past six months or more, iTunes updates have not installed. The option to save the file and then run it is also blocked. Do you think this is an Apple issue, a Windows issue, or a MB or ESET issue? Or.......something else? Here are two screenshots that always result from attempts to update iTunes:
  3. I think I'm all squared away with a new password. Thanks to all!
  4. All praise to Forum Deity! Ok, so I responded to the early morning email, clicked on the link, did the same on the subsequent email, reset my password successfully, and logged back in successfully! So, apparently that first email was NOT a phishing attempt. All is well, except for the email that I exposed with my first post, and then I reported my own mistake regarding that post - hopefully someone will delete it.
  5. Here is what I should have posted: I looked at this email on my iPad. I responded, shouldn't have perhaps, by clicking on the link. Supposedly all I had to do was enter my user name, not a PW, in order to change my PW. That was a red flag to me. Is this a MWB forum email or phishing? (Without Marcin's email showing, whether it's phishing or not.)
  6. I screwed up, should have blocked out Marcin's email address. Thought it was a hack, but if not, that's a mistake. I'll correct it now, but perhaps too late.
  7. I write down all my passwords. I did change my MWB forum password a week or so ago. I can't change it now without using that 0639 CST email that I still don't trust. I'll search around for other options.
  8. Looks like I can't change my password using my settings here. Perhaps the email is the way to change my email address and/or password. But I'm holding off until I hear from one of the technical support folks, just to be on the safe side.
  9. I looked at this email on my iPad. I responded, shouldn't have perhaps, by clicking on the link. Supposedly all I had to do was enter my user name, not a PW, in order to change my PW. That was a red flag to me. Is this a MWB forum email or phishing? I blocked my email and the link in the image, just to be safe. If true, too bad it occurred on the 239th birthday of the United States Marine Corps!
  10. Browsers? IE Firefox (Windows 8.1 doesn't make this easy) MSN and its "Inbox access from MSN" Facebook (too risky to use?) LinkedIn (too risky to use?) Other considerations when setting up a new computer? Password changes, how frequently? Email accounts Website and forum logins Your MS Outlook login Your computer password Which of the passwords are really critical in terms of security? Do I really need an extremely secure password for logging into my home computer? Or can I make it simple and easy? I've eliminated the LogMeIn app that my old employer's IT guy used to access my syste
  11. Done! Beer or perhaps a top shelf rye, straight up and neat is the best according to Hemingway, and me!
  12. I will not squander this opportunity to learn more Adam, and I will educate myself with the links and the earlier advice that you have provided. Yes, I'll continue to improve security on this new machine, and I will dump AVG and install other virus AND malware protection on her system too. Best regards to you, thank you very much, and I think you may consider this case closed and a great success! Vance
  13. MBAM MBAE Windows Defender deactivated ESET NOD32 All three new programs were installed and run prior to transferring files from the external hard drive that was used for backup on the old infected computer.The external drive was scanned thoroughly prior to moving files.The new computer was scanned thoroughly after moving files.File folders were sorted by file type and visually screened to ensure that the obvious risky file types were not present.Folders containing images and documents that I still need were copied to the new computer.MS Outlook .pst files were tricky to import, because the ne
  14. Bought the ESET NOD32, deactivated Windows Defender, installed NOD32 with no problems, and ran a quick scan with it. No detected viruses. That was easy.
  15. So, if I were to purchase ESET and download it, I should deactivate Windows Defender immediately prior to ESET installation, or immediately afterwards?
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