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  1. Hi there everyone i have just downloaded winpatrol and when looking in services i found a service that is listed appmgmts.dll but when i checked the info for this and i searched for the c:\windows\system32\appmgmts.dll missing it is totally missing, it is just not there at all OS Vista SP2 32bit
  2. How do you edit posts that you have made, and if you can't why not, i'm a spelling mistaker who likes to correct all the time !
  3. Been a member of the forums for a while now but never had the chance to say hi to everyone ! SO HI EVERYONE !
  4. Just totally uninstalled MBAM then redownloaded and it wouldn't have none of it where can i download it safely from can you give me the link please ! Thanks
  5. Just downloaded a program called Security Task Manager it lists all processes and progs running in Vista but when i ran it, theres no sign of mbam also when i downloaded mbam, KIS2009 said to not allow and to quarantine is this supposed to happen, can anyone help Thanks
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