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  1. Forced a database update and problem resolved now thank you
  2. Popup still occurring for me too Update: I forced the update to the database and problem seems to be resolved now, thank you
  3. I removed my exclusion but I am still getting the popup for
  4. I am also seeing the same error with the dropbox.exe. And adding as an exclusion stops the popup for me as well. Looks like you guys are already working on it, thanks.
  5. Hi Maurice, I have not had any more instances of the issue. Even so, I am considering reformatting the SSD and reinstalling Windows. I want to be certain the problem is fixed and I would not mind cleaning up some of the old junk on the drive with a fresh install anyway. Are you still wanting to run any more diagnostics or can I proceed with my reinstall? thank you, Andrew
  6. I installed Firefox and ran the diag and this is the result:
  7. I get this message when I navigate to that site. I tried it from ie11 and Chrome
  8. Hi Maurice, Since the RogueKiller actions three hours ago I have had ZERO blocks. As it was happening every few seconds I am hopeful that we might have fixed it. But I will let you know if it reoccurs in the next day or so. Also, the debug issue is now gone too. I had looked at the settings you recommended but did not make any changes since they were already set the right way. Perhaps it was related to the malware process. thank you for your help, Andrew
  9. Hi Maurice, I ran RougeKiller but there was nothing listed in the registry tab. So I rescanned and then did as you asked. Hopefully that was ok. The scan and delete logs are attached. I ran CKscanner successfully. But I was not able to paste the contents of ckfiles.txt so I am attaching it. thanks, Andrew RKreport_DEL_10292014_033704.log RKreport_SCN_10292014_033436.log ckfiles.txt
  10. Here is the roguekiller report. Also, I wanted to mention that since I have been getting the blocked website notifications, I also get a debug error in ie. I have attached a jpg of that error in case it is helpful to you. RKreport_SCN_10272014_142548.log
  11. Here are the protection logs. I will run roguekiller now protection-log-2014-10-25.xml protection-log-2014-10-26.xml protection-log-2014-10-27.xml
  12. Hi Maurice, I am just checking to see if you think there are other things we can try to solve this issue. I know you are probably quite busy and I appreciate your help. I read through the page you suggested about blocked IP addresses. I am still getting just the one address blocked. It occurs every 2-5 seconds. So far I am only seeing the one address and its outbound. It occurs regardless of whether I have a browser running or not. And I don't think I have any P2P or messenger processes running, so I am not sure what process it is using. thank you, Andrew
  13. Hi Maurice, The Microsoft Windows Defender Offline full scan completed and it found no items. Are there more steps we can take? I am still getting the blocked sites. thank you, Andrew
  14. OK, I will run the Microsoft Windows Defender Offline as you suggest and let you know what it finds. thanks
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