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  1. I would like a second opinion on the multiple files and all of the files in general on my C drive. It appears I have a lot of duplicate files, and have over 58 MB of files which are using up over 80% of my C drive. The C drive is 72.6 GB with 13.4 GB of free space. I don't believe I have that many programs or applications to warrant 80% of my hard drive being occupied with so many files. I would like to download Windows 10 and I don't have enough space to do that. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Steven
  2. Kevin, Everything appears to be working fine. OK to close. Thanks, Steven
  3. They are still on the computer, should I run Delfix again? Steven
  4. Kevin, All appears to be going smoothly. I do have one question before you close this case. I found a folder named FRST, I clicked it open and found a file folder called HIVES, inside were 12 other files. 9 were created on 10-21-2014 and 3 were created on 2-21-2013. Are these related to the cleaning and repair of my computer? I'm guessing they are. Should I keep these or can they be deleted? Thanks for all of your help! Steven
  5. Kevin, Attached are the Adwcleaner, JRT, and the MSRT files. They all appear to be clean. Thanks, Steven AdwCleanerS0.txt JRT.txt msrt.txt
  6. Kevin, I lost the report when I ran FRST. The computer is definitely running faster. I ran Malwarebytes as you instructed, that's how I personally run it. It detected no threats. I downloaded Adwleaner , pressed the scan button and it asked me, "Pending. Please uncheck elements you don't want to remove." I did not proceed any further. Attached is the report it created. Thanks, Steven AdwCleanerR0.txt
  7. Kevin, I did not save the Farber Recovery Scan Tool last night, tired and frustrated and I forgot. I downloaded again and it is now on my taskbar. Do I need to run a new scan? I have the original scans. I have downloaded the fixlist.txt and that also is on my taskbar. I apologize, I feel like I am fouling things up. Let me know if I need to run the FRST scan again and then I will proceed with the rest of your instructions. Thanks for your help, Steven
  8. Attached are the 2 files. Thanks for your help. Steven MBytes Scan #1.txt MBytes scan #2.txt
  9. Well, I got the program to run and scan, I now am unable to copy and paste to this page.
  10. I put Norton into silent mode which is suppose to turn it off. I get a pop up window that security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded. Should I turn my Firewall off?
  11. I have been using Norton Security for Comcast and current version of Malwarebytes. Norton tells me it has blocked an attack by: System infected: Trojan.Powelik Activity. Same thing for Trojan.AdClicker Activity. I'm also notified that PowerShell has stopped working and High Memory usage by Com Surrogate. I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit operating system. My system is working at a snails pace, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Steven
  12. I seem to be having the same problems as everyone else is having. I'm running Norton Security along with Malwarebytes current version. Norton tells me.... Norton blocked an attack by: System Infected: Trojan Powelik Activity. Says the same thing for Trojan. Adclicker Activity. It occasionally tells me Powershell is disabled, High Memory Usage by: Com Surrogate. Dllhost.exe does not want to shut down. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit operating system, and have been using Internet Explorer. My entire system is running at a snails pace. Thanks, Steven
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