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  1. Huh, I am sorry for wasting your time then. I really am. But thanks for the time you took in looking into this.
  2. Hey guys, I am sorry if i did this wrong. (First post FYI so I am sorry if I mess up and please tell me if I did and how to do it correctly) OK, I was playing battlefield 4 and found a server I liked, so I went to the server's page to find there website. So, I found it and enter it into Google chrome. When I clicked enter, Avast! Malewarebytes and Anti-Porn Pro (This isn't a virus. It is a chrome extension that searches for rewarm spyware and porn and blocks the website) all popped up saying the site had maleware. Malwarebytes just blocked the site, Avast! ended the process for that tab and
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