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  1. Hello. Possible false positive. On Virus Total, only Malwarebytes flags the file as malware. Please see attached log and archived file. Thanks and regards. wow_helper.rar mbreport.txt
  2. Hello Please find in the attached archive 3 files detected as malware during a Malwarebytes scan done on October 1st. These files are OK on VirusTotal scans. The Malwarebytes report is included in the archive. Thanks and regards false positives_20191001.rar
  3. Hello On a scan run on the night 29 to 30 April 2019, malwarebytes reported as malware (Adware.Zdengo) the file C:\users\....\ApplicationData\Roaming\Ilinker\Iupdate.exe. I send this file to VirusTotal. The original scan in their database showed that only one antivirus considered that the file was malware. A ran a new VirusTotal scan. Only 2 antivirus (Zillya and malwarebytes) reported this file as malware. I believe that this file is not a malware, as installed directly from my Samsung photo camera. The file is in the attached zip archive. Regards. iUpdate.z
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