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  1. Can you tell me what this looks like to you? This has happened with another IP address and it seems like someone trying to attack me directly.
  2. Lots of info to check into. Will do, thanks again!
  3. I'm sure I can re-install the NCH software. I have a back up on my external drive of everything. On the computer this morning it did freeze while trying to open a new tab, which is weird since I have a high speed. Does the logs show anything virus like?
  4. I re-installed Skype now after doing what you recommended, but won't know if that solved the issue until I skype again. The PC is noticeably running TONS better. There are some icons on my desktop that look strange, as in maybe it looks broken somehow, since it doesn't have the original icon picture. The express burn and video pad editor programs both NCH Software that came with computer. I did remember seeing NCH in the log for things to remove in the ADW cleaner. Photo below.
  5. My skype is logging itself out btw. Not sure why.
  6. Logs attached. Malware Log 10-25-14.txt AdwCleanerR0.txt AdwCleanerS0.txt
  7. Nice to meet you! Question, is SuperAntiSpyware considered an antivirus program?
  8. Malware Bytes has been blocking a lot more than usual. First it kept blocking an IP address. Then every time I clicked iTunes it would block a trojan. It blocked something from Skype. I recently removed Pure Leads. And my computer is still slower than normal. Downloaded the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and attached the logs since it won't let me enter it in this post as its too long. FRST.txt Addition.txt
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