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  1. Malwarebytes was downloading this file from http://data-cdn_m...m...\mbam-setup-2.03.1025.exe. Avira scanned the file but turned Avira off and still would not download from server. I also running EMET 5.0
  2. Malwarebytes suddenly cannot access server on update. No problems previous to date Current database tried to download from http://data-cdn_m..m...\mbam-setup-2.03.10125.exe and database version v2014.10.23.07 On windows 7 Ultimate with Avira Pro. Avira scans the download. Turned off Avira enabled real time protection and Avira enabled Web Protection. Still get message cannot access server on upate No problems with updating Matwarebytes with Avira until Avira virus definition No firewall blockage on mbam*.* files. Just started happening today
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