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  1. This is good information for those with ISP related and other issues. Thanks for this.
  2. Some feedback for the DEVS that I've encountered while I've been is this slow connection predicament. When your signature updates are outdated - you will see a Notification Area Prompt box. This can be hidden simply by deselecting how many days to warn of database being out of date in the UX. This probably should be changed since if this setting is suppressed a user would effectively not be protected. Screen captures should illustrate.
  3. Mea culpa, no worries. For a lurker, that may have been a problem if one of the files was an installation borker had it been the wrong file but this is not the case. On the subject of "Offline" - the intention is physically fetching the (raw) update file for use to update the software as the ISP won't pull even the slightest amount of data that could be construed as a download, per se. If you would post back how often the offline update file is refereshed so that us travelling Techs can have it on a flash drivwe without it being redundant. Appreciate the expedited help today with a warm
  4. Well, Bro - I run both as you didn't say and it didn't bork the software. Screenie attached. This is handy for folks that have crippled or slow connectivity who cannot update via the normal method. My defs are now more current than they were.
  5. Thanks for this, I'll give it a whirl and post back my findings.
  6. Hello, Running MBAM - licensed - premuim. Is there a method of updatng the database "other" than via the automated scheduler ? Why do I ask. Due to an ISP related issue, I'm currently not able to fetch database updates nnormally leaving it out of date. Hints, tips, suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. I'd rather not disclose why I was terminating MBAM to perform other tasks. My original issue was that when it was re-enabled via the Program or via a PC reboot, it would terminate again. This has been fixed via the MBAM clean process. For the thread lurkers; I've done Alpha and Beta testing for Marcin. See my screenie on notification behaviours - Is (at) defaults. Since MBAM does not cosmetically show an update as it would interfere with your installed AV, I get that. Cannot sift through old log files as the old installation is gone but I do appreciate the tip to look in the PROTECTION.lo
  8. The notification icon issue has gone away although it may have been user induced - (devs please read this) - if a user terminated MBAM to allow a task and does not reboot or re-enable the software it will stay disabled until the next PC reboot. This I see as a slight problem that should be investigated. What I did find is that the fresh re-install revealed that the automated scheduler had automatic updates missing. In other words, updates were being fetched manually - all the while I had assumed that updates were being checked automatically. This is now fixed. There should be something in th
  9. I just did an MBAM clean as the notification icon was "disappearing" for the lack of a better word. Just did a fresh install and now my activation KEY is not accepted. The Key, either typed in or copy | pasted is not accepted. Any suggestions ? Disregard as it appeared that the paid or premium product registration requires careful copy | paste of both the ID and KEY. I'm still seeing the notification icon disappear but as this is a fresh install, I will report back if the issue persists.
  10. Internal Update was not available to me, over-top installation ; so far - so good.
  11. Major UI changes to look out for. Thanks to those that worked on the pre-release builds who provided feedback.
  12. Just an FYI for those looking in, this Register article that highlights new findings on the Lenovo Supefish fiasco points (in part) at this thread.
  13. Hello, What exact version increment upgrade are we doing ? My current installation is at 2.04.1028
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