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  1. I'm running and I'm now getting "real time" issues which mean no web protection. I've seen this exact issue come and go for about 2-3 years now. It's not a version, it's a bug. Why can't it be fixed for good?
  2. I just checked and there is not one word of this issue on their homepage.
  3. My home screen says "Real-Time detections: 582 Those are likely lifetime, not daily.
  4. To most of us private users this was a hiccup. To some it is/was an expensive disaster. We pay companies like MBAM to protect us, therefore are held to a higher degree of accountability. It obviously was not intentional, but it happened, and there is no excuse for it.
  5. https://ru-clip.com/video/tpWA5jcQ42Y/malwarebytes-premium-v3-beta-review.html
  6. Absolutely! This was no different than being hit with a virus and we're paying money for it.
  7. my computer is on 24/7/365... unless I'm on vacation for more than a week.
  8. I would. If things become broken, then think about fixing.
  9. I would reboot a couple more times and see if it fixes itself.
  10. Glad you got it going. After a screw-up of this magnitude, I would venture MBAM won't have another hiccup soon. Guessing Volkswagen won't be messing with emissions systems anytime soon. Back in '86 after the shuttle explosion, I said "the safest launch ever will be the next one". They did have an issue with re-entry about 18 years later. Still...
  11. Someone else just posted this.... "This "malformed update" managed to break part of my motherboard. The built in Ethernet port doesn't work anymore, even with MWB completely uninstalled. Luckily we had a PCI Ethernet Card laying around that I'm now using to connect to the internet again."
  12. Sorry to hear. Did your version of MBAM get corrupted? You can dowload from their site and apply your key.
  13. Simply start MBAM and update and reboot before your machine freezes. Version 1.0.3803 is the fix.
  14. Mbam is now working as normal. It is it's normal memory hog.
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