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  1. Same problem, no web protection, and no scanning. I wrote three emails to get support but nobody answered. Does anybody from administration READ our complaints? I don't have "current" next to Updates!!
  2. Same problem: web protection does not activate and MbAM 3.1.2 is unable to scan. Windows 10 version 1703. Thank you.
  3. Thank you very much, John Galt, for your prompt answer and for the good solution, it worked perfectly well! (Good nick - John Galt - from the Ayn Rand's book, right?) Regards
  4. I updated my MbAM Premium to the version and chose to have a desktop shortcut. Now I want to exclude the shortcut, but it is impossible! A pop-up says that I need administrator rights in order to exclude it. I am the administrator!!! Please orient me on how can I exclude the shortcut? My O.S. is Windows 10 Home. Thank you.
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