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  1. Well that's good. Unfortunately my computer fails to start in normal mode. I'm not sure if something was deleted in the initial sweep, but ever since deleting the trojan.0access, my computer moves at a snail's pace. As I mentioned earlier, I have some system process taking at least 25% of my CPU on a constant basis. From what I could find on google, that process should be at 0% CPU most of the time. On another note, my computer seemed to have hit the fan when I updated Skype last week. My first thought was to uninstall Skype all together. That's when I discovered the trojan. I cu
  2. I'm sure you can guess, normal mode failed when rebooting. I ran everything in safe mode with networking. It sounds like there's no hope in doing it this way though. Attached are the two reports just in case. Let me know what you suggest either way. Thanks! TDSSKiller. RKreport_SCN_10192014_162009.log
  3. Looks like we were replying at the same time. Is it okay to do all this in safe mode with networking? Including forcing it to safe mode when prompted for a reboot? Otherwise this might take a few days to run.
  4. Any idea on where to go from here? I've made it to normal mode today. I'm viewing my processes and I have one called System with a description of NT Kernal & System taking up to 25% of my CPU. I tried ending and it just comes back on. Let me know what I should do while normal mode is actually responding. I'm considering trashing the computer tomorrow since it has been nearly a week for me trying to fix it.
  5. It's the same. Still runs extremely slow in normal mode. Basically impossible to use.
  6. I just went through the forums to view some other people's combofix logs. It looks like mine is incomplete. Should I run it again and this time, when combofix reboots my computer hold down f8 so it goes back into safe mode? I don't really know what else to do since normal mode doesn't work. Sorry for all the replys. I don't see an edit post button.
  7. So, normal mode doesn't work. It basically froze again. I shut it down and am now in safe mode with networking. Attached is the log. Please let me know if it looks complete and what the next steps should be. ComboFix.txt
  8. I should mention that I downloaded and ran combofix in safe mode with networking, not in normal mode.
  9. I came in this morning to find my computer at the same screen I mentioned above. So I did a hard shutdown about 30 minutes ago and started it back up. I'm currently at a black screen with only my house cursor. It may be a while before windows actually pulls up, if it does at all. Are you sure I can't just boot up into safe mode with networking? For whatever reason safe mode runs 1000 times faster than normal mode right now.
  10. It appears my computer may be frozen. I have a blue screen (not the blue screen of death) with the windows 7 Professional logo at the bottom and my mouse cursor. The mouse cursor does not move though. In an essence to save time tomorrow morning when I get here, please let me know if I should just do a hard shutdown and try to go into Safe Mode. If I don't hear from you by tomorrow morning, I guess I will go ahead and do it either way.
  11. I tried running Malwarebytes threat (full) scan, but it got hung up early on for about 35 minutes. I gave up and ran the ComboFix. I should have asked first, but ComboFix is restarting my computer and going into normal mode. I wasn't sure if I should hold down F8 to force the restart back into Safe Mode. The restart is probably going to take a while, so I may not get the log posted until tomorrow morning (U.S. EST). Windows came back on, and ComboFix said it was saving the log. Now I just have a black screen with my mouse pointer. If anything changes in the next 30 minutes, I will po
  12. Thanks for the quick response! I am at work, so I will be responding quickly as well for the next couple of hours. I ran MalwareBytes again and although the log doesn't show it, I had 6 new threats with the below title. Trojan.Siredef.C - Location: C:\$Recycle.Bin\S-1-5........etc I quarantined all 6 and ran the scan again. This time I came up clean. This was a hyper scan. I guess I will run a full scan now to be sure. I'll run the ComboFix right after, if it comes back clean. malware log 2.txt
  13. Attached is my log from the malwarebytes scan. malware log 1.txt
  14. My Dell laptop began running very slow yesterday. I am currently unable to uninstall any programs. I get an error message saying windows installer is not working. I was able to run Malwarebytes in safe-mode with networking and the trojan.0access was found and quarantined. I have deleted this from the system. When I tried to go back into normal mode, it took about 25 minutes to get off of a black screen with only my mouse cursor showing. Once Windows finally loaded, it was still extremely slow, in fact, it seemed worse. So I followed the instructions found here. I'm attaching the two
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