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  1. Hello, First, thanks for your help and your answser. It would be nice to provide the info about the latest available build on the release history page (http://www.malwarebytes.org/support/releasehistory/) and how we can upgrade to the latest version from the management console. Regards, HA
  2. Hello, Like the post https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/161133-how-to-upgrade-console-managed-mbae-clients-to-a-newer-version/ how I can I upgrade MBAM Managed client from the management console ? Regards, HA
  3. Hello, I would be nice to create exception based on FQN or domain name... Regards, HA
  4. Hello, Is it possible to install it on Windows 2008, Windows 2008R2 or windows 2012 (without terminal service started) ?? Regards, HA
  5. Hello, I would to get test MBAE with real exploit on the web ? Any available dangereous web site (with PDF, Office Document or Flash) with known exploit I can visit ?? Regards, HA
  6. Hello, I'm currently evaluating Malware Endpoint Security in my lab. It seems the solution is NOT able to detect malware download in real time... When submitting the following hash to VirusTotal, the malware seems to be detected. SHA256 f61edd453f34b7498324404a06f4d42c22f3f15790a312f24a69cb8193aace89 File Name avstodvd.exe Malwarebytes PUP.Optional.Solimba Problem: the file can be downloaded and saved to the disk. When I start a Scan a Quick scan from the Management Console, the malware is detected and removed from the disk... Does the solution support real
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