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  1. I'm positive that my PC is infected by several virus/malware. Started with PC becoming slow at times and I ignored thinking it might be some usual windows/pc issues. Then few days later it started to freeze when opening google chrome. I scanned using bitdefender and found threats(something by the name 'tribalfusion' and a few others) which were removed. But the problems still persisted and pc was getting slower and slower, and I started suspecting a virus attack. Then it became sure when computer started behaving very weird - icons and shortcuts I didn't create found on the desktop, unable to run windows security, automatically changing the system time etc. I searched online and found a guide which suggested a comprehensive fix. The first step was running Kaspersky TDSSKiller which the virus prevented (crashed every time). Then I rebooted in safe mode and ran it again(without checking 'loaded modules') and this time it was running. This was followed by a series of antimalware programs(all running in safe mode) like malwarebytes antimalware, hitman pro, rogue killer etc. none of which found any potential threats. The condition of the system is the same and not yet fixed, and in the task manager I can see processes by the name 'dllhost.exe, ctfmon.exe, runtimebroker.exe' etc and several instances of svchost.exe which I'm sure are viruses. Please help me out as I prefer fixing the issue over reinstalling the OS which will be a big hassle for me. Thank you.
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