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  1. Updated to the new release - checked the latest Update log. The Malicious Website Protection is shown as Stopped and Stopping. The little Red indicator is not on, the radio button is set to Enabled. I don't know if I am protected or not..
  2. Have had ALL the same indications and attempts to fix, etc, as everyone else has. All to no avail. Then suddenly with it in an error condition, ("Malicious Website Protection disabled") when I started a scan, the attempt failed with an error message -"MalwareBytes database missing or corrupt. Would you like to download a new copy." Y/U I picked Yes. It did load a new copy, and after doing a scan, it found nothing. Still showed as being in the error condition After stopping the mbam service and tasks in Task Manager, and then starting mbam again, all is well. (2) Windows 7 and (1) Windows 8 Hope this helps.
  3. Same problem - Malicious Website Protection turned off - can't get it enabled. Is there a fix? Why is this even an option in the GUI. When would you ever want to voluntarily want to turn this off???
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