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  1. I'm not going to take all the time to enumerate them all. You have major work ahead of you to correct everything. I am very disappointed you would put a unusable product like this out.
  2. Please, disregard this message. I just clicked on add and set the time ahead a little and the scan ran. Thanks anyway.
  3. I edit the 'Scheduled Scan' and try to but in the Date and Time, it seems to take it, I click 'OK' and go back it to edit again and the Date and Time are gone. Thank you.
  4. Please disregard this error, I just upgraded to Version 3.05. Thank you so much!
  5. You are the best computer protection company there is. I am a lifer with you. I thought I lost connection with Chad with his gave me the link to upgrade and I took it, my stupidity, but thank Chad very much for me!
  6. I get repeated errors after rebooting: There was a problem activating your Malwarebytes Anti-Ransome BETA I go to the taskbar running apps, Anti-Ransome has an error indication by a '1'. I right click and select 'Start Protection' but it doesn't respond. I have to restart again. It seems to happen with I disable my Internet connection, which fails because of Microsoft's fine programming and I have to reboot to get my functionality back.
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