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  1. I didn't reboot but I had to restart Malwarebytes several times before I got the FIX NOW button to work. For those who are still having problems, when you restart Malwarebytes click on Scan and make sure that it isn't trying to run a scan. Mine was trying to scan, so i cancelled it, shut the program down and restarted. I then was able to get the FIX NOW button to work. I then ran a successful scan and all looks well now.
  2. Downloaded update v2014.10.14.04 and it seems to have done the trick. This time the FIX IT button worked, and I am now running a scan with no problems.
  3. I ran and downloaded an update. I then went to SETTINGS > DETECTION and PROTECTION and changed MALICIOUS WEBSITE PROTECTION to ENABLED. I then went to the Dashboard and still got the message that Malicious Website Protection is disabled. I then clicked on the FIX NOW button and got no response.
  4. The FIX NOW button is still unresponsive for me.
  5. I was prompted to download and install version an hour ago. I immediately ran a successful scan. About thirty minutes later a warning popped up saying that malicious website protection was disabled, and like everyone else I cannot fix it. The "Fix Now" button does nothing.
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