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  1. Probably, but the odd this is that my second last update took me to .05, then the last update kept me at .05, and both times I updated there was an active download. Between the two updates I only exited and then restarted MBAM and did not do a system restart / reboot. Regardless, my system is protected again and as others have stated, much appreciation for the quick response time on this
  2. OK, so something weird ... alright, weirder... just happened. Prior to my last post I undated to the .05 database. Dashboard showed "v2014.10.14.05". After my last post, I updated the database again, waited while it downloaded and updatyed the system, then restarted MBAM. Everything is working fine now, all protection active, but the Dashboard still shows Database "v2014.10.14.05".
  3. Updated to the .05 database, restarted, problem still not resolved. Checked the Scan tab, Scan not running. Started a Scan, let it fail, went baclk to the Dashboard and it still showed that the Scan was trying to Initialize. Went back to the Scan tab, started a scan again, then immediately canceled it. Dashboard still shows Scan trying to initialize
  4. Did a full shutdown and restart, got the same "Protection Disabled" message at startup, Fix Now button unresponsive, Malicious Website Protection set to Disabled upon startup, setting it to Enabled did nothing.
  5. DId this, problem is still there. Fix Now button unresponsive. When MWB started up again, Malicious Website Protection was set to Disabled. Setting to Enabled had no effect.
  6. Agreed... I am having the same problem after updating to Dashboard shows that Malicious Website Protection is disabled. "Fix Now" button does nothing. Under Stettings -> Detection and Protection and Protection, Malcious Website Protection is enabled: And on the Taskbar pop-up Malicious Website Protection is showing as enabled. I currently also run Avast! Internet Security and have had no problems running it cincurrently with MWB Premium.
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