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  1. Windows 7-SP1-x64 Running Avast Free Running 3.5.1 Premium all updates. Never rolled back to 3.4.5. Web protection disabled going on 10 days. System is ROCK SOLID ... zero BSOD since disabling Web protection.
  2. It is tough trying to understand the core issue causing this problem. In my house above is reversed ... w7-SP1 Pro BSOD, w10 Home no problem. Both above systems are x64.
  3. Running Malware Premium ver. on w7-Pro-SP1. Has been experiencing same issues as w8.1 and w10 posters on this thread .. NETIO.sys BSOD This started 6-10-18. First I thought is was caused by network adapter issue because I also had black screen lockups (hard reboot recovery). I do NOT run any type of Hibernation / sleep (all turned off) Then I read mini dumps via "Blue Screen View" and both BSOD and Black screen locks (hard reboot recovery). Both pointed to the same issues NETIO.sys. All reports were identical except dates. Early to night, got back from work and started up my compute / loaded to desktop .. My son called to wish me a Happy Fathers Day. Over the 26 minutes (not touching keyboard) it BSOD … I Hard Rebooted, repeat. Third time I just left at BSOD. After hour phone time with my son, got on my laptop and found this thread. Found the suggestion to disable "WebProtection" So I again, Hard re-booted. At desktop I immediately disabled ALL protection … Its now over 3 hours later, NO problems. The following are some "Blue Screen View" output info …. (all dumps identical except the time) Bug check - DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_OR_ EQUAL Bug Check Code - 0x000000d1 Caused by Driver - NETIO.SYS Crash Address - ntosklm.exe+72c80 END QUOTE Will continue to monitor this thread for solutions. Thanks
  4. Running w7-sp1, Firefox 6.0 I disabled Youtube Video Downloader Ultimate extension. Stopped worldnaturenet.xyz Fraud halt issues for past 8 hours.
  5. Tried this solution ... Downloaded current version Terminated Malwarebytes Reinstalled current version over the top. Malwarebytes went active ... issue has not returned for over 5 minutes. Program did NOT request a restart, I did NOT perform a reboot or cold boot. Will monitor, if issues returns will respond to this thread. Thanks guys
  6. I'm also experiencing same issue. Running W7 Pro, 64bit. What have I done so far ... Terminated Malwarebytes, restart, All protection ON, approximately 20 seconds later "Web Protection" turns off. Soft Booted .. Malwarebytes starts, approximately 20 seconds later "Web Protection" turns off. Cold Boot ... Malwarebytes starts, approximately 20 seconds later "Web Protection" turns off.
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