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  1. So today I got an incoming ip block from skype. Everything was fine, but I was curious and went to check my web exclusions and found these http://gyazo.com/66d91f6f35e571539db85413c6c0e02a So what I decided to do was clear the exclusions to remove these, and then ran a scan and found nothing harmful. Was I correct in clearing those from the web exclusions list?
  2. I start the scan, it looks for a new version, says there is an update available. I click the update and then it starts the scan only for it to instantly fail. Is this part of the issue with website protection as well?
  3. It also appears that scan wont work either. I try it, it looks for an update, says one is found, I click update and the scan fails....I dont know if this is part of the issue as well.
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