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  1. Hi Maurice, I ran scans in both MBAM and Kaspersky and didn't find any threats. I feel more confidence in my machine again and will continue to monitor the AV reports and activities. Thank you for the help and your patience! At your suggestion, all notifications are turned off other than those coming from my anti-virus softwares or windows itself. I'll take a look at the browser guard in more depth and decide whether or not to install that for Chrome. My use of Chrome is extremely limited and installed for only two sites that won't accept Firefox: one is a secure IRS site and the other for Rx drug insurance to pay its premium and to order medicines. Knowing that, do you still feel the browser guard is needed? What about the browser guard for Firefox?
  2. Fwiw, I do think Kaspersky was blocking something malicious from that tax forum. As of this morning, that forum was inaccessible and shut down without explanation, and none given when I called the company. Thanks for all of the explanations and help with adding MBAM as a trusted app. I think I have Kaspersky all set. I did have two more files than you showed. One is a .dll file, and the other is the setup file in C:\WindowSysWOW64. Should I include those also? There was one other file in the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware subdirectory that was for the Adware cleaner that you had me download. I didn't include that either. Should I? I planned to delete that and the ESET freeware when we are done and when you are satisfied that my machine is clean. I also think Kaspersky was blocking the MBAM update because I can see several hundred (more than 300) instances of these entries on 9/23 and 9/24 where the MBAMService.exe was being blocked. That activity stopped and I don't know why there either. Was the latest version released on 9/23?
  3. Firefox hasn't crashed, and I changed browser home page to a blank tab. I also updated Win10 to v. 1903 as suggested. Thank you! The ESET screen looked a little different than described and "scan" was not presented at the right side. I ran the ESET online free scan, not the trial version. Did I choose the correct one, and if not, is the one I ran adequate? It found one item to clean that was a driver navigator listed as a potentially unwanted application. Nothing else. Log is attached. When we are finished I have a question about why MBAM wasn't notifying me that an update was available. All of my other programs are set to update automatically, and MBAM was set to notify me whenever an update was available but from the logs, it looks like Kaspersky was blocking that function. I now have MBAM set to update automatically, and Kaspersky shows the current MBAM version as "trusted", but this isn't the first time my MBAM wasn't up-to-date, so when we are finished I'd like to add the MBAM updater function to Kaspersky's exclusion list...if you think that is wise. I don't know what that file or app is called to add it myself. Can we revisit this later? ESET scan log 9-30-19.txt
  4. Firefox browser & no other programs were open at that time. Immediately prior to this I had just finished deleting the cache and history using the function built into Firefox in the "Options" section and I also then deleted the history/cache using the Control Panel. I was going to reboot but then remembered one more thing to do online, and as soon as I reopened the browser and my Comcast home page was still loading, Kaspersky said it blocked an attempt to access a malicious website that is a forum for tax preparers run by a company as an adjunct site to their research materials. It also blocked some sort of download attempts and about 14-15 other items that all referenced that company's website's address. I did not attempt to access that site at all, and I haven't visited that site in months. That is what I thought was strange, and at first I thought it was a bookmark causing the issue because of the web address that appeared so I deleted the bookmark, again deleted cache & history, exited out of the browser, and rebooted the machine. I started looking at AV reports and saw these 2 line entries on a Kaspersky report on 9/27 at 9:43 pm that says this that I think are the first time this all happened: Deleting cache & rebooting did not help and all and the same 14-16 warnings from Kaspersky happened 2 more times yesterday as soon as I opened the Firefox browser without any other action on my part other than starting Firefox. I'm also seeing a lot of activity on Kaspersky yesterday around lunchtime related to driver updates and trusted applications, and I'm not sure about some of it. I don't know why there are *.exe files in there, including ThunderboltRegModule and other things I don't recognize. They could be legit; I'm sorry but I'm not knowledgeable enough to be sure. After speaking with a fellow tax preparers that were using the tax forum without any issues, I did try to access that site and all the warning bells started again with Kaspersky blocking me and blocking some sort of download attempts.
  5. I hope that I let it finish its processes properly and am wondering because when it got to the section for preinstalled software you said to skip that, so that that screen I clicked "cancel". Was that the proper action at that point?
  6. Done, and it didn't find anything and there is no "Clean" report listed. Attached are the other two reports that it did produce: AdwCleaner[S00].txtAdwCleaner_Debug.log
  7. Hello Maurice and thank you for helping me. I updated Malwarebytes to the latest version and verified that all settings are as you specified. The scan did not find any threats and nothing is in quarantine. Attached is the log of that scan. 9-29 Malwarebytes scan report.txt
  8. I may be infected with a trojan. When I open my internet browser, my AV program blocks a forum for business professionals, its headers, footers, etc, and I am not even trying to access this site. I get the same messages and blocking when I do try to visit the site, and other professionals I've spoken with are not having this issue. I'm using the premium version of Malwarebytes and have run scans in it and my AV program. Both show no threats but Kaspersky shows "detected object (file) cannot be disinfected in its report that appears to be the web address of the forum. In addition to the required reports, I've included the Kaspersky report of detected objects and also the detailed report of activity for the last 24 hrs. On that detailed report, it appears that something happened at 17:43:11 pm this afternoon that says suspicious activity was allowed, and I definitely did not allow this. Please help! Addition.txtFRST.txtMalwarebytes scan report.txtDetected objects.pdfDetailed AV report-last 24 hrs.txt
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