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  1. I've read a lot about Version 2, Version 3.0, Version 3.05 and Version 3.06. Nothing seems to be consistent other than that upgrading to any new version of Malwarebytes is problematic at best. Uninstall before trying to update? Don't uninstall before. Deactivate? Don't deactivate. To say that this whole update process has been a mess would be understating the situation. My problem is similar to everyone's in this topic, but a little different. I updated and am now sitting at version I'm not version 2 any longer and I'm not 3.0.5 or 3.0.6 because information has been confli
  2. I am having the same problem with the 3.05 update. I am attaching a document which shows the error notices during an attempted install. This is the second time I have tried the install, and it doesn't work. You asked about anti-virus from one person, and I am using Norton Security. Hope what I am attaching helps, and I have included a log file that you requested from another person with the same or similar problem. Malwarebytes 3 update.docx MBAMSERVICE.LOG
  3. Now the main screen to Malwarebytes when it first loads says, "Awesome! You're protected," And the Real Time Protection area notes that all protection, including Exploit protection is on and active. But that little red mark on the Malwarebytes tray icon is still there, and is still says there that Exploit protection is off. I believe that protection is actually on, but I really don't like that little red mark on the tray icon. I hope someone here can tell me how to fix this. Thanks in advance.
  4. I installed Malwarebytes 3.0 over Malwarebytes 2.0, Anti-Exploit and the beta of AntiRansomware. It loaded, I updated definitions and ran a scan. Worked beautifully. I rebooted the computer, and when Malwarebytes was fully reloaded there was a message that said exploit protection was off. Asked if I wanted to fix it. When I looked at the dashboard settings, I toggled the exploit protection to be on (it was off). It then said it was "starting," but it never loaded. Not after 3 tries. Any suggestions about making this work and helping me get rid of the little red mark on the Malwarebytes
  5. Anti-ransomeware doesn't like EaseUS trial software. The trial writes a temp file, tbw_trial.tmp file that that ransomware refuses to exclude and which it quarantines each time it's run. Has no problem with the free version, but has decided that it really doesn't like EaseUS trial software. I think this is a problem.
  6. A reboot, and everything is back to normal. Go figure.
  7. I have Anti-Ramsomware beta on a laptop that is running Windows 10. Everything has worked well until today. Now I have the Dashboard saying "Your system is fully protected," but below under Real Time Protection, it says, "Anti-Ramsomeware is disabled" with an option to "Start Protection". I also have Anti-Ramsomware installed on a desktop, and it's running normally with no split-personality traits.
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