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  1. I have the paid version and because of the other person using this computer PUP's show up scans almost weekly. I always run Spybot Search & Destroy after Malwarebytes and get, on average, between 30 and 60 mid to lower level threat malware, adware and tracking cookies that sometimes affect registry key. I have found using both, and having both, has worked well. Having these enabled me to help remove a dangerous virus that disabled my antivirus and internet connection. After running them I was able to get online and find out how to remove what she downloaded by clicking "Yes" on a popup that froze the page and claimed I needed to run a scan to find and remove the virus. The same thing happened when a popup, looking like Adobe, said I needed to update the flash player. She has finally learned her lesson, at least when using my pc. Her laptop is another matter and as hard as I try I can't get her to put Malwarebytes, or Spybot S&D on it.
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