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  1. Okay, I can understand that. Although I have yet to see them function in practice. For example: Spraying 300MB of Vector.<uint> objects followed by calling WinExec from the stack using $known_caller_mitigation_limitation will still result in the execution of a calculator. Mentioning the fact that MBAE contains mitigations X, Y and Z and a competitor does not is also a bit dubious as one cannot verify such claims, other vendors have been more open in mentioning what individual mitigations they provide.
  2. Could you mention a few exploitation techniques that should now be covered by the new Dynamic Anti-HeapSpraying and Anti-ROP mitigations? e.g. Spraying 300MB of Vector.<uint> objects does not trigger the Dynamic Anti-HeapSpraying mitigation.
  3. I would say, perform a test on Windows 8.1 and inject the tests into IE11 and you'll see different results
  4. Hi Pedro, could you describe the changes that certain new anti-ROP mitigations have brought? I am especially interested in seeing what type of attacks should be covered by the new: "Layer0 Dynamic Anti-HeapSpraying" and "Layer1 ROP-RET gadget detection" mitigations. Cheers, regenpijp
  5. Of course EMET is still useful when dealing with application that are not protected by MBAE Free
  6. Just for the record, it is useless to run EMET 4.1 and MBAE at the same time. MBAE contains all the functionality present in EMET 4.1 (except for EAF) plus a number of additional protections. Regarding EAF: Quite a number of EAF bypasses have already been published and EAF bypasses have already been used in the wild quite a lot. The only mitigation present in EMET 5.x that has not yet been publicly bypassed is EAF+. imo EAF+ is the only advantage of EMET 5.x over other mitigation tools.
  7. 1. You can also encounter exploits on legitimate websites through advertisements. 2. If your software is up-to-date then in general you're safe.
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