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  1. "there's a reason I disable them when I do." 

    "As for the Dashboard, it is unlikely that we will change this behavior as I have never seen any security product which allowed the user to disable any core component of protection without continuing to indicate that there was a problem"


    The "problem" here is the user may not see that as a problem, but as a choice.

    I really do want control over my programs behavior, even if is in someones opinion, that is not to my advantage

    Refusing to do so only opens the door to a compeditor who will. The more annoying a program is the less likely it is to be allowed to run.

    I now only allow it to run when I precieve a problem, abandoning any prophlactic use.

    That is entirely because it insists that I use the Maslicious website protection, which I have covered like Zootopia 3k stated, though not quite as thouroughly.

    The fact that I was willing to join just to comment on this speaks volumes.

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