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  1. Regardless of all the negativity and hate here, I've had Malwarebytes for years on a lifetime licence and not had much of a problem until today. These things happen, rarely, but they happen and I'm sure the devs will learn from this, everyone makes mistakes. If there's anyone who claims to have never made a mistake, I wouldn't trust them. Hopefully they fix it quickly as this should be high priority even if they just do a rollback to the previous update, though that may not solve anything (a rollback doesn't mean the new changes will be undone completely. They need to get to the root cause first.) unless everyone is willing to reinstall to remove the recent updates clean completely. For now stopping/disabling the service, use a temporary/trial antivirus and wait for an update is the only way stop the memory leaks and high disk usage for now, shouldn't take more than a few hours.
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