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  1. Okay, Thank you very much sir for all of the help and your patience. If you're ever in Texas I owe you dinner and some drinks!
  2. Okay thank you Maurice. Should I not worry about the unknown accounts on some of my files?
  3. Good day Maurice, I got the computer into safe mode and ran the Microsoft Safety Scanner but it didn't find anything. Here is a screenshot sir:
  4. Hey Maurice, This is the screenshot I get after downloading and attempting to run the program. I have not run it yet....I will await your reply. thank you again sir!
  5. and if I right-click it it shows this: but will not do anything when I click on F-Secure Detection Tool....
  6. yes sir I understand, I did press install anyway and this is what I get....it shows in the taskbar but does nothing....and when I click on it nothing happens...I'm sorry I should have been more clear.
  7. Thank you for the quick reply Maurice! When I try to run the program, I tried twice, I get a popup, I'll attach a screenshot, then nothing happens.....
  8. Here are the scan results and they still show my OS as Windows 8....I bought this computer new with Win 10 installed.... scan.txt
  9. The only reason I didn't run it from the desktop is I didn't know if it was a problem if it wasn't showing in my start menu....thank you again for what you do!
  10. Hey Maurice, Yes sir, I do have it installed and I am updated and I will run a scan as soon as I post this. One thing that is weird on the scans I have run before is that is shows my OS as Win 8...I'll see if it does this time and post the results. Thank you for your patience!
  11. Hey Maurice, just got off of work finally....I was reading your instructions to run a scan with Malwarebytes from the start menu. When I checked mine, Malwarebytes is not in the start menu. What do you suggest sir?
  12. Hey Advanced and Maurice. Yes still here. If it’s okay, it’ll be Monday Evening before I can post the log. I’m at work and am on call all weekend. I’m sure y’all are jealous. Lol Thanks for not closing the topic. :) Ryan
  13. Hello Maurice, I'm sorry it's taken so long to respond. It's been crazy at work. Here are the logs you asked for and I updated the machine as well. system-log.txt mbar-log-2019-06-11 (17-27-04).txt
  14. Hello Maurice, Thank you in advance for your help. My computer would't boot to windows so I tried to restore it but it said my drive was locked, tried repairing it, that didn't work, so I had to do a clean install. However after that I'm noticing the same things that I did before....unknown users, etc. FRST gave me an error when I ran it. I'll attach some screen shots and see if that helps. My computer's OS shows to be Win 8 on the MB scan. Chrome is acting weird, such as when I go to virustotal to analyze a file, it will analyze but will show the files as "undetected" instead of the default of virustotal. My computer is attached to a domain now, with Workgroup being the domain instead of Homegroup. Remote desktop was activated through advanced settings.....Credentials were added with username and password without my knowledge along with a public desktop. One of the unknown users starts with S-1-15 or something along those lines. Shows I'm connected to an unknown network. It has two keyboards installed in the device manager. PowerShell shows to be using 1.0 spoofed as a more current version. I'll attach some screenshots and a new FRST and Hitman log. Sorry I know my thoughts are kind of all over the place! This is driving me crazy! Thank you again! Your dedication is above reproach and truly appreciated! Thank you for what you do! Ryan FRST.txt Addition.txt HitmanPro_20190602_2030.log
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