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  1. Could someone please help me get my database update to work? Here are the facts: Windows 8.1 The small Malwarebytes icon on the bottom right of the Taskbar has a red exclamation point on it. When I dbl click, it get, "Your databases are out of date" and clicking, "Fix now" does nothing. If I start the app, I get the same thing. I tried manual database update but no change. My Database Version is currently: v2014.10.03.05 I have been using Malwarebytes since 9/11/14 and I believe the problem has been going on since I purchased it. Thanks in advance for any help, Richard
  2. I purchased this program a little more than two weeks ago and the other day, the process to update my databases using FIX NOW did nothing. I rebooted and tried again and it appeared to work till a few minutes ago when the popup on the Windows Taskbar came up again. I paid for Premium to get real time protection, but if I can't even update the databases, what good is it? Should I expect this to be a typical problem?
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