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  1. Noticed that MalwareBytes reported the attached file as a Malware.AI for some reason. spacesniffer_1_3_0_1.zip 06-09-21 Scan.txt
  2. Old .exe file used for checking for Meltdown and Spectre susceptibility is seen as malware now for some reason. False Positive Report 05-26-21.txt InSpectre.zip
  3. Noticed this being caught by MalwareBytes yesterday. Attached the file as a zip along with a log of today's scan. Memu-Installer_v3. 04-29-21 Scan.txt
  4. Thanks! Will be sure to avoid that file!
  5. I have noticed for a while that this website has been blocked from Malwarebytes for a while. Can anyone explain why? The site is: https://www.gc-forever.com
  6. Had an old setup file marked as a false positive during a thread scan. Uploaded it as a zip. RevoUninProSetup3170.zip 03-31-21 FP.txt
  7. A recent threat scan has viewed a file associated with Pulseway (and Windows registry file) that is normally around as a BitCoinMiner, which I believe is a false positive. I have attached the log and file (latter as a .zip). MBam Scan 12-07-20.txt OpenHardwareMonitorLib.zip
  8. All of my computers are currently on 2004, so I was expecting it to be an easy upgrade. Will wait until it's offered naturally.
  9. Anyone know if Malwarebytes has any issues with this update like it did with the May 2020 update? Noticed that on all of my computers with Malwarebytes installed, I don't see the option to download 20H2 through Windows update, but on the single computer without it, I am able to download it.
  10. Found an oddity with a daily scan today where an old file was detected as a Malware.AI. Attached scan report and .zip of the .exe. rufus-2.16.zip False Positive Report 10-03-20.txt
  11. Should note that I just updated to the latest definition, and still seem to have the issue.
  12. For some reason, this file is being detected as Malware though it has never been before. Attached the .exe as a zip file and a log of the first detection. Dolphin.zip False_Positive_Report_08-17-20.txt
  13. That makes sense, thank you. As for the Custom Scan, doing a manual Threat Scan doesn't allow you to scan for Rootkits (scheduling a daily Threat Scan allows this though, have it enabled just in case), which is why I opted for the Custom Scan (I interrupted a daily Threat Scan by restarting the computer).
  14. This started popping up after updating to Windows 2004 today (made sure to update to latest Malwarebytes that fixed the latest issue). However, it only scans the ones in Windows.old as false positives, not in the regular Windows folder. Don't necessarily need these files, but I find this pretty odd. False Positive Report 07-24-20.txt
  15. Thank you, just did another scan after updating, and it is not popping up anymore.
  16. Yeah, noticed the same issue on the same registry key and file as well (daily scan just finished). Pretty weird since it deals with the Intel Driver and Support Assistant program, which is legit from what I know.
  17. For some reason, the installer for Winrar 5.50 is being reported as a Trojan.Dropper.SFX even though nothing came up before. Attached the log of the threat scan, the files in a zip, and an image of the warning. mbamthreatscan.txt fp.zip
  18. Yep, it is fixed. I had to update, then quickly exit and reopen Malwarebytes.
  19. Same issue on my end. Only noticed when I couldn't run a Virtual Machine. I am surprised that a small update can cause this much of a mess...hopefully a fix will be released soon.
  20. Hello, I am a fan of MalwareBytes, currently have it installed on roughly eight computers in my household with a subscription. I am looking into getting this lifetime subscription so it'll save me in the long run: http://www.amazon.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware-Premium-Lifetime-Download/dp/B00T1GXL0K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1426080638&sr=8-1&keywords=Malwarebytes My issue is, on any of the computers with the current sucscription licenses, this is what currently shows for the expiration date: --------------Account:-------------- Account Status: Premium Expiration Time: 2035/02/13 19:32:10 Activation Time: 2015/02/13 19:32:10 Trial Used: false I am afraid that this is due to me paying for all of my subscriptions through PayPal, so it doesn't have an accurate expiration date. I have canceled auto-renew through PayPal, so I'm going to assume that my computers' keys will expire on their expected date. I took a look at this topic: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/160937-is-this-a-scam-on-amazon/ In the second to last post, the account status for a license key purchased through Amazon shows something very similar to what I have above, with an expiration time in 2034. Should I just wait until my subscriptions expire to buy the lifetime liscenes for them so there won't be any confusion? Thanks for any help that can be provided.
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