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  1. I just meant Windows defender said don't run this and I told it not to worry so much, then it got inside of Windows defender. No more questions thanks for the help, hopefully those/that malicious program will be in the Malwarebytes data base or on its radar at least. Thanks Again!
  2. I dont think it actually cracked the Windows defender, Im pretty sure I ignored a warning and thats when all hell broke loose :-/ Is there anyway to tell Malware Bytes that something is a virus...like just tell it that a certain program running in the task manager needs to be stopped ? Addition 2.txt FRST 2.txt
  3. I don't see anymore strange behavior right now. Thank you so much. Can you tell me anything about what I got...usually google will come up with something about it but it didnt have anything in this case. The MB rootkit scan came back clean. Also thanks You are GOD!! Fixlog.txt MB Scan 2.txt AdwCleaner[C0].txt mrt log.txt
  4. Hi I have a virus that Malwarebytes blocks from popping up but wont seem to block the program itself. It seems like it has gotten into Windows defender and maybe Chrome, I uninstalled chrome with Revo and tried permanently deleting the Rox.exe and the Rasp.exe that I found in the Task Manager using Revo force uninstall. Rox.exe come back on restart I have not seen the Rasp.exe one again. The pictures show they still remain in the startup list Malwarebytes log.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. Thanks so much for your help thus far, if I may ask why was the particular piece of adware so good at hiding and hard to remove???? As far as performance mbam is not going nuts anymore trying to block tons of stuff and performance seems normal. The only lingering issue is that IE still seems corrupt as no matter what I do it will not change the home page from shitty bing, I never use IE unless i need to use a website that is giving the other browser trouble or something wierd with the cookies, so its not a big deal, but I only bring it up incase it is a sign of something else. Possiley IE is j
  6. Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST.txt) (x64) Version: 06-10-2014 01 Ran by Samual (administrator) on SAMUAL-PC on 07-10-2014 15:34:17 Running from C:\Users\Samual.Samual-PC\Downloads Loaded Profile: Samual (Available profiles: Samual) Platform: Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 (X64) OS Language: English (United States) Internet Explorer Version 10 Boot Mode: Normal Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/335081-frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool/ ==================== Processes (Whitelisted) ================= (If an entry is
  7. After running the last program windows had to check the integrity of my drives and didnt start up right the on the first reboot, idk if that is an anomaly or just because the ZOEK prog got rid of some file? Ill run Zaybar, but its not going to drastically alter anything is it?
  8. I dont know if the data base got updated or something, but the other day MBAM actually detected in a scan the malicious files that have been popping up rather than just blocking them when they tried to run so I will post that log. Also I ran the ZOEK program and will post that log as well. What is it that the ZOEK program does? And how/where does this virus hide such that i can find it when looking through task manager or in my programs or add ons to internet browsers? In my previous experience i can usually find the source of the add ware. ZOEK LOG Zoek.exe v5.0.0.0 Updated 03-October-201
  9. Here is a copy of the scan report, but even after that ran, as you will see from the threat report i posted below i still had mbam continually telling me it was blocking something. I tried uninstalling chrome and firefox and the home page is no longer hijacked, I was not able to uninstall IE and that browser homepage is still hijacked even though if you look under setting it appears everything is normal. However, across all browser performance is down. I also tried getting rid of all temp. internet files but idk if that did anything.....Also I apologize I am not seeing and upload file option
  10. I am good with computers but i am struggling with this browser hijack as it is nowhere to be found in any browser extension but when i start ie firefox or chrome it redirects to http://www.bing.com/?pc=COSP&ptag=AABF01BDF90604DD4AEF&form=CONMHP&conlogo=CT3210127 however when i look at the browser settings they all appear in normal order. I have used revo uninstaller to get rid of any strange programs but i still get popups from malwarebytes blocking ids.idlecrawler outgoing process. I was getting some dll extension errors but i believe that i have resolved that but thought i wo
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