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  1. COMODO Chromium Secure (Chromodo): chromiumsecure.exe
  2. Information for followers this topic: Welcome. Bug has been reported to COMODO. Please wait patiently for the new informations.
  3. Hello Pedro. I have a slow internet connection, yet I can not do that. (maybe 5-7 days, ASAP). I'm very sorry. Please wait...
  4. Do you have contact with COMODO? If not, I have. I can help you by doing different thing (eg. Reporting files to the whitelist, Bug Reports, etc.)
  5. Welcome. I have the latest version of MBAE ( I set my own custom guard for Comodo Dragon. All fields well filled (Comodo Dragon, dragon.exe, browser). Once you have added an application to protected, ran Comodo Dragon and can not run. In previous versions of MBAE there was no such error. Windows 8.1 (X64) Please help!! Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.7z
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